Our Process

Long Fibres

We use only long-staples cotton because it produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibres. In the case of cotton – a longer staple is a better staple.

Longer cotton fibre can be spun into stronger, finer yarns. And produce smooth and supple weaves.

Shorter cotton fibre can poke out of the weave, leading to a coarser, weaker fabric.


Single Ply Yarn

We exclusively use single-ply yarn because it produces the finest, strongest treads.

It can only be spun from long staple cotton, and result in light, soft, yet extremely long lasting sheets.

Multi-ply yarns are a group of weaker fibres twisted together to create a false strength. They use mostly lower-grade, shorter-staple cottons, which result in thicker, coarser and heavier threads.


Finest Threads

The fine thread spun from single-ply, long staple cotton is responsible for the most sumptuous sheet. The finer the thread, the smoother, lighter and softer the resulting fabric.

By using single-ply, long-staple cotton, we are able to construct sheets using 30 and 60 yarn count threads, the finest for cotton bedding.


Thread Count

Thread count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. As the thread count rises, the fabric becomes softer, denser & warmer.

A higher thread count does not necessarily mean a higher quality sheets.